Baking Class 21 Dec 2014

Alhamdulillah,kelas seterusnya adalah pada Ahad ini...
kita akan belajar buat
1.Walnut Brownies with Nutella and Salted Caramel
2.Marble Cheese Brownies
3. Oreo Cheese Brownies
4.Choc Cheese brownies with Full Choc Ganache
Akan juga diajar cara membuat Salted Caramel Sauce yang sedapss itew..hehe

Sesiapa yang berminat,boleh hubungi saya di 012-2629484..Deposit rm100 diperlukan untuk booking seat ye..and it is on first come first serve basis..Kelas santai santai jer di hujung minggu cuti sekolah...InshaAllah we will have fun...
terima kasih semua..huggssss!!

Baking Class 17 Dec 2014

Alhamdulillah selesai Baking Class with Chomel Cupcakes hari ini, dihadiri oleh 3 wanita hebat.. Ct Asiah, Nina dan Siti Asmah.. Haha, kelas ni kecoh walau cuma kami berempat. Syukur Alhamdulillah. Semoga apa yg disampaikan memberi manfaat sebaiknya buat kita.. Tq Tq Tq for joining this class.. They baked Walnut Brownies with Nutella and Salted Caramel, Oreo Cheese Brownies, Marble Cheese Brownies and Congo Bars in this Class.. Alhamdulillah 

Congo Bars

Oreo Cheese Brownies

Marble Cheese Brownies

Walnut Brownies with Nutella and Salted Caramel Drizzle

Brownies Class 18Sept

Assalamualaikum and Good Morning.. Last call for Group Brownies Class tomorrow 18 Sept, 10am to 3pm.
Fees :rm250
Venue :Puchong
2 seats available
-Bake and Deco 4 Brownies 
-Make Salted Caramel
-Make Silky Smooth Choc Ganache
-Do the Choc drawings on Choc Ganache
Anyone interested may whatssap/sms/call me at 012-2629484. Deposit rm100 is needed to secure a seat and it is on first come first serve basis. Tq 

Brownies Class September of today,Brownies Class for 5,6,10,12,19,20 Sept are allready full.Anyone interested to join this class on any other dates(except Sunday and Monday),do let me know ya..Whatssap me at 012-2629484 for more info,TQ..

For the Brownies Class with 2 students,u will be baking 4 types of Brownies.Students get to choose what they want to bake,but I will always suggest to choose 4 different types and to include Walnuts Brownies with Choc Ganache and Salted Caramel as choice number 1 and the other 1 is Choc Cheese Brownies with Full Choc Ganache as choice number that u will learn the method to drizzle the Choc Ganache and Salted Caramel and u will learn to spread the silky smooth Choc Ganache evenly and do the Choc Drawings.The other 2 choices are up to the students.U will also learn to make Salted Caramel and Choc Ganache.At the end of the class,the 4 types of Brownies will be cut into half and shared between the 2 students.That means u will take back 4xHalf Brownies each and also a small jar of Salted Caramel and a small container of Choc Ganache.

This Class is open to everyone with or without basic knowledge of baking .InshaAllah I will guide u from the start till the end. It is a personalise coaching and full hands on class as there will be only 2 students max per class..

Thank You and InshaAllah we will have fun and stress free baking environment..
Zu for Chomel Cupcakes.

September Class Schedule

Sept Class Schedule:-
5th Sept - Brownies Class RM270- Full.
6th Sept - Brownies Class RM270 - Full.
10 Sept - Brownies and Congo Bars Class RM350 - 1 more vacancy.
12 Sept - Brownies Class RM270 - Full.
19Sept - Brownies Class RM270- still open for 2 students
20 Sept - Brownies Class RM270- 1 more vacancy
(Small group of only 2 students per class)
Pls take note that there is 1 more vacancy for Brownies and Congo Bars Class for this Wednesday.Students will be making 4 types of Brownies and 1 Congo Bars.Anyone interested to join this class or other classes can kindly whatssap me at 012-2629484

Brownies Class

Hello Lovelies,

1 more seat available for Brownies Class with Chomel Cupcakes on Saturday,6th Sept.Do contact me at 012-2629484 for more info.TQ

Latest update - Class is full now..Thank u..

Delivery to Putrajaya,Cyberjaya and Bangi 14August 2014

Dear All,
Delivery to Putrajaya,Cyberjaya and Bangi will take place tomorrow.With delivery charge of RM5,Chomel Cupcakes will be sending the Brownies to yur location.Last call to order is by 11am today..Apa tunggu lagi..silalah order ye..hehe..I seldom do delivery coz its very difficult to arrange for delivery with the 3 boys under my care.hectic delivery to Bangi will happen in another 6 months la kot..hehehe..Wallahualam..ok,those yg interested,boleh WA me at 012-2629484..Thank u darlingss semua...XOXO


Dear Lovelies..InshaAllah I will be doing Brownies delivery at a min charges to certain location on certain days..Will update the location soon..As for classes,u may choose a date (Mon to Saturday),and whatssap me to confirm the availability of the class.For any enquiries,do contact me at 012-2629484..tq..XOXO..


Assalamualaikum and Good Morning peeps..
kalau ada sesiapa lagi nak join class di Chomel Cupcakes,boleh hubungi saya at 012-2629484..
So far,
8 July - FULL.(Banana Cake Class and Brownies Class with Yat Omar)
12 July - FULL (Brownies Class with Sara Fadilah and Sara Atiqah)
16 July - FULL (Brownies Class with Risma Idris dan Cik Ris Idris)
19 July - need 1 more student(Brownies Class with Dr Izra)
Pick a date ,and contact me to double check.The rest of the date are still available except for every Sunday and Monday and also the dates mentioned above.
My location is in Puchong.
Class duration will be about 4 and a half hours (10am to 2.30pm)
Max numbers of students per session will be only 2 person.

Fast Sale!!

Fast Sale!! 
Dark Choc Brownies with walnuts, Choc Ganache and Salted Caramel Drizzle 
Rm35 per box. 3 boxes available today. 
Those interested can contact me at 012-2629484. 
Self collect at my house in Taman Putra Impiana, Puchong 
Thank u.. XOXO...


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